The Fight (Le Ring)


Jessy, 12 years old, has a hard life but he doesn’t know that because in his part of the city, it’s everyone’s lot. In this unprivileged neighborhood of Montreal, reality hits hard. As his family is shattered, Jessy loses whatever was left of his innocence. But even on his knees, he will find the strength to fight and escape his fate.


Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette


Renée Beaulieu and Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette




« The images by Philippe Lavalette are really beautiful, and the music by Catherine Major full of finesse.»

Odile Tremblay, Le Devoir


12th Pusan International Film Festival – Pusan, South Korea, October 2007

36th Festival du Nouveau Cinéma – Montreal, Québec, Canada, October 2007

Film d’ouverture – 40 ans du Cinéma Parallèle

38th International Film Festival of India – Goa, India, Nov/Dec 2007

International Filmfestspiele Berlin (2008) – Berlin, Germany, Feb 2008

5th MoMA Annual Canadian Front 2008 – New York, N.Y. USA, March 2008

Shanghai Int’l Film Festival – Shanghai, China, June 2008

Taipei Film Festival – Taipei, Taiwan, June/July 2008

GRAND PRIX Award – New Talent Competition

Miradas Madrid Women’s Int’l Film Festival – Madrid, Spain, July 2008

Winner, best direction

International Film Festival Vladivostok – Russia, Sept 2008

Winner, Special Jury Award

Winner, Best Actor Award

KYIV International Film Festival – Ukraine, 18-26 Oct 2008

Festival international du film d’Amiens – France, 7-16 Nov 2008

Oulu International Children’s Film Festival – Finland, 19-25 Nov 2008

Plus Camerimages International Film Festival, 29 Nov – 6 Dec 2008

Cinéma du Québec à Paris – France, Nov–Dec 2008

Festival international du film d’Aubagne – France, 16-21 March 2009

Winner, Best Film Award

Winner, Best Original Music Award

15e Festival international de Cinéma jeune public de Saint-Pierre, Île de la réunion, Oct 2009

33th International Film Festival of Cairo, Egypt, Nov 2009

Jutras Award for best music (Catherine Major)

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