The Angel (L’Ange)


A spiritual emergence, which creates its own universe along the lines of its own esthetics and logic. We are led through distorted spaces, obscure visions, synthetic metamorphosis, and objects. In L’ange, the human can be represented as a fetishist object (for example the puppet suspended on a wire), thus referencing Kafka and Freud on automatons, and the fear of man confronted to his own complexity. Climbing the stairs would be the liberation of the idea of death, of culture and sexuality, which brings us to the symbolic figure of the angel.


Patrick Bokanowski


Maurice Baquet
Jean-Marie Bon
Martine Couture
Jacques Faure
Mario Gonzales
René Patrignani
Rita Renoir


Patrick Bokanowski


Kira films (Paris)


Nominated at the Cannes Festival ( Caméra d’or)

This is a founding film, cult-movie with a worldwide distribution