Les Loups ( The Wolves)


Elie lands on an island in the North Atlantic, and attempts to integrate into the local community. However, the locals suspect that she is hiding heavy secrets. They think that she’s been sent to their island to spy on behalf of an animal welfare group, and report on their traditional harvesting of seals. As soon as she starts asking questions about this tradition, the locals close up, and tell her to return to the city.


Sophie Deraspe


Évelyne Brochu, Louise Portal, Benoît Gouin, Gilbert Sicotte


Sophie Deraspe


Marc Daigle (ACPAV) et Sophie Talbot (Athénaïse - France)


« We must applaud the outstanding work of Philippe Lavalette who has managed to film the power of these seascapes. His images are such that you feel like you can actually touch the waves and the sand. »

Isabelle Hontebeyrie, Le journal de Montréal


« Located in the Iles-de-la-Madeleine archipelago, the scenery is spectacular and somewhat scary, beautifully filmed by Philippe Lavalette. Les loups is supported by a high degree of technical expertise and a fantastic direction of actors, both pros and amateurs. »

Odile Tremblay, Le Devoir


« …evocative power of the images reaching the sublime (signed Philippe Lavalette), this film is unique thanks to its visuals, which attain poetic levels… »

Marc-André Lussier, La Presse



Haifa International Film Festival, Israel, September 2015

Filmfest Hamburg, Germany, October 2015

Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur, Belgium, October 2015

Festival International du Film Francophone Tübingen-Stuttgart, Germany, November 2015

26th Cine-World Film Festival, USA, November 2015

Kolkata International Film Festival, India, November 2015

International Film Festival of India, November 2015

Torino Film Festival, Italy, November 2015  FIPRESCI Award

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